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The pocket box

It is convenient to carry the hanging rope

Independent metal front and back cavity, the sound quality is fresher, crisp and delicate

Metallic beryllium film, sound quality beyond imagination

Collocation frequency response section sound regulation and acoustic link set up special institutions technology,

can effectively solve the electroacoustic transducer between transient response fast enough,

not exquisite quality of materials, better realize the high-fidelity sound again!

 C-type detachable ear hanging

It doesn't hurt to run,According to the principle of triangle stability,

the three-point stress support is firmly established with the auricle,

and the ear cap and horn ear are integrated to make music and sports sharing!

IPX4 waterproof, without fear of sweat

The metal process shell is configured as never before

The headphone battery is about 75mah,

the music time is 4.5 hours, and the charging time is about 1-1.5 hours

Bluetooth 4.1 external antenna to make the experience more beautiful

Human voice warm prompt, multi-intelligence compatibility

 Easy to control, 4 key control, have independent volume, play control key

Visible craftsmanship

Exquisite craftsmanship to build bluetooth headset new height

Metal electric shock design, creating a safe and delicate charging way

 True wireless, true freedom,

Model number: T08

Blue tooth edition: Bluetooth 4.1

Support agreement: HFP/HSP/A2DP/AVRCP

Earphone frequency response: 20hz-20khz

System and capacity: IOS/Android/Windows

Bluetooth linear distance: > 10m

Waterproof grade: IPX4 level

Speaker unit: phi 8.2 mm 22 Ω moving coil unit

Working hours: 4H

Working hours of the charging box: 7.5 H

Headset charging time: 1H45min

Charging time: 1-2h

Overall size: 46 * 37 * 55mm

Total weight: 35g